Take action – make your positive visualisation become a reality by taking action today.

Spinning Plates is designed to make you aware of those things that you want to do in life but have ignored because other things grab your attention first. It will help you regain control over what you really want to do.

There is so much to do and so much to distract you from doing them. So what better than to have a tool on your iPhone that allows you to review the actions you have taken towards doing the things that you want in life and when you last actually did them.

The things you put into Spinning Plates are NOT “To Do” list items, it is not about short term detail – it is about the large brush strokes of life.

Spinning plates is about you persevering towards and achieving your vision and your life’s goals.

Whatever your view of this application, please do remember to add your comments on the Apple iTunes Store and please send us your feedback to spinningplates@aims-ltd.com

If you have a different way of using the application do let us know and with your permission we will add your case study to this page.

We wish you a prosperous and rich life
Richard Knight and the Spinning Plates Team at
Black and White Parrot
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